5 ways I have saved time that really add up

5 ways I have saved time that really add up

I am all about sharing tips to save time. It’s even better when I can take small steps to save small bits of time that add up to large chunks of time overall!

1 – I use a tool to schedule meetings.

I hate, hate, hate going back and forth in my email inbox to schedule meetings. If you are often trying to get calendars to match be a big time suck. But one of my top tips to save time: Invest in a scheduling tool.

My personal preference is Calendly. I pay $10 a month and even though this is my first month doing it, I can already tell it will be worth it.

I can easily dictate when in my week I’m free for certain kinds of meetings, and I can send specific links to different people. That way, I don’t end up bouncing back and forth for eight different things.

2 – I sync my inbox to my to-do list.

When I get an email I need to reply to, I like to add that email to my to do list. A lot of people treat the starred section of their inbox like their to-do list. That’s what I do too. Except then I’m checking several places for tasks, and things get missed.

So, I use Zapier to automate the simple task of adding a starred email to my to-do list management system, ToDoIst.

3 – I make phone calls on the way to and from work.

If you have no way to make a phone call safely, don’t do this – but I use my commute to and from work to make phone calls!

Mostly, I call family members who I owe a phone call. This means I am calling my parents and family way more often than if I didn’t do this, but I am using time that would otherwise be used for listening to music or podcasts. That is valuable time to me, so I am glad I can use it for something like connecting with family!

I’ve also called a few clients on the way to or from work, if I have that sort of relationship with them.

4 – I batch task as much as possible.

I love batch tasking, especially when it comes to my blog and social media-related tasks. Instead of making one blog graphic or Instagram post, I try to make a handful at a time. This way, I’m only logging into Canva once, and I can use templates instead of creating things from scratch every time.

Plus, once I’m in the mindset of completing a specific kind of task, it makes it easier for me to complete more of those same tasks.

Some other examples of how I use batch tasking:

  • Drafting blog posts.
  • Scheduling social media content.
  • Answering emails.
  • Sending emails.
  • Scheduling meetings.
  • Updating my calendar.

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5 – I pause distractions until I’ve finished a task.

This sounds a little silly, but if I’m in the middle of finishing something – an email, a sentence, anything – and someone tries to interrupt me, I will briefly “pause” them. My students are fairly used to it – sometimes, I just hold up a finger and say, “Pause!”

Other times, I’ll say, “I am putting my headphones in until I finish this one task. When I take my headphones out, I’m free again.”

Basically, I say no to potential distractions (within reason, obviously!) and focus on my task at hand, so I can always ensure I finish something before moving on to another thing. This saves me so much time because I don’t have to chase down unfinished work.

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