3 ways to “delegate” and save more time

3 ways to “delegate” and save more time

Wondering how to get more done? It’s time to delegate. Wondering HOW to delegate? Well, let’s dive in.

I think the most common misconception about delegating is that in order to delegate, you have to pay someone to do something for you. This can certainly be true, especially for things like housework or childcare. But I’m sharing 5 ways I delegate so I can spend more time on the things that matter to me.

How to delegate grocery shopping

I have always loved grocery shopping. I’m a minority on that, for sure, but it has always been fun for me. However, especially after moving to our new neighborhood, it has always taken a big chunk of my time! I love grocery shopping so much that I go up every aisle, buy things I don’t need and spend a lot of time picking out things to try.

Most people probably don’t experience that same joy in a grocery store, but maybe it’s hard for you to shop without kids. Or maybe your store is just too far away and it takes some time to get there.

Time to use online grocery pickup, my friends. I personally love Walmart’s grocery pickup, which is totally free and easy. But I’ve also done this at Harris Teeter (which is $5 for pickup) and done delivery with Instacart.

How to delegate hosting friends

The No. 1 answer I have for how to delegate is to accept help when someone offers it to you!

“Can I bring anything for dinner?” your friend asks.
“No, I’m fine!” you say, knowing you hate making salads and she loves making salads.

If someone offers help, accept the offer. Express gratitude and return the favor, of course, but don’t turn it down just to be a martyr. If someone is offering, they want to help, and they’ll appreciate that you accepted it.

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How to delegate administrative or “boring” tasks

I 100% recommend tools like Zapier and If This Then That, which take easy tasks that you’d usually do manually and automate them. This also helps you manage consistency, if that’s an issue.

A few ways I use and have used these tools:

  1. Add emails I star to my to do list
  2. Add calendar events to my daily schedule
  3. Post new blogs to Facebook and Twitter
  4. Connect my Patreon to my Mailchimp

These are small things, but managing my to do list could be a full time job if I let it be!


Wondering how to get more done? It’s time to delegate. Wondering HOW to delegate? Well, let’s dive in.


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