29 things to do this weekend – before you turn on Netflix

29 things to do this weekend – before you turn on Netflix

Staying at home but trying to get more out of your weekend? I’m sharing a list of things that you can accomplish next weekend, before you reach for the remote. Boost that weekend productivity!

(Or, hey – turn on Netflix while you do these things.)

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Maximize your weekend productivity

  1. First, throw all of the dirty laundry in your house in the washing machine. There’s never enough time in the day to do your laundry. The first thing I do every Friday is throw a load of laundry in. Then, by Sunday night, every single scrap of clothing and every towel in the house is clean.
  2. While one load is drying, fold the load you just got out of the dryer. Don’t let it pile up. The more it piles up, the less likely you’re going to put it away, and then you’ll start Monday with five laundry baskets of clothes.
  3. Also, do you remember the last time you washed your sheets? Yeah.
  4. Read a book, or listen to an audiobook or a podcast. If you’re like me and let books pile up, reach for one of the books you’ve been meaning to get to and crack it open. I like to watch shows I know very well (like Gilmore Girls) while I read.
  5. Plan your upcoming week.
  6. Then, prep a meal you can make on a busy day.
  7. Bonus points if you make more than one meal, or prepare breakfast or lunch for the whole week.
  8. Take note of pantry and refrigerator basics you might be missing out on. Make a grocery list for your next trip.
  9. Research something you’ve been wanting to learn more about.
  10. Take everything off of your kitchen counters and wipe them down. I recommend using vinegar for maximum clean, minimal chemicals. (Personally, I like this cleaner best.)
  11. Bonus points if you do this in the bathrooms, too.
  12. Dust your windowsills. I assure you, you haven’t done this in a while.
  13. Take your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment to your baseboards and all of those hidden corners. Bye bye, dust bunnies.
  14. Bonus points if you take the brush attachment to your vents, too. Dog hair gets everywhere in our house.
  15. Check your pantry and fridge for expired food – and then, take out the trash. Get it out!
  16. Hang up that picture you’ve been putting off. Yeah, I see you. Just use a Command strip and call it a day.
  17. Throw your bathroom mats and kitchen rugs into the washing machine.
  18. Sweep your front porch (and back porch, too, if you have one!). We have a leaf blower, so count on us taking that to the front porch. It counts, too.
  19. Check your calendar to make sure all of your doctor’s appointments are up to date. Are you or a family member due for anything? Make a list of appointments that will need scheduling soon. Don’t forget your dog!
  20. Put your headphones in (remember that audiobook or podcast? Turn up the volume!) and vacuum every room in the house.
  21. Walk the house with a trash bag and collect everything that you’ve been meaning to toss.
  22. Bonus points if you follow up with a donation bag.
  23. Triple bonus points if you take that donation bag and put it in your car to take to the thrift store or donation drop-off station closest to you.
  24. Wipe out your sink with vinegar or a Clorox wipe. I bet you don’t remember the last time you did that. Yuck.
  25. Clean your makeup brushes. Double yuck.
  26. Make a list of easy recipes you love and can choose from on a hectic week. Add the basic staples for each of them to your grocery list, so you never have to rely on takeout. (Unless you want to.)
  27. Take a long shower and use all of your favorite body and skincare products.
  28. Bonus points if you use a face mask.
  29. Take a nap.

You earned the nap, anyway.

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