How to have more productive evenings

How to have more productive evenings

Want to make the most out your time at home and have more productive evenings? Keep reading!

If you’re like me, you come home from work ready to plop down on the couch, relax and watch some TV. But that’s not the way to knock things off your to do list! If you want to see more productive evenings (thereby saving your weekends from being consumed by chores!), I have a few tips that I have been personally using myself.

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Try to get as much done as you can before you sit down.

The minute you sit down, your productivity is going to decrease by 50 percent. That’s another one of my fake statistics, but it’s probably pretty close to true – at least for me. My most productive evenings are when I come home and tackle a few tasks I need to accomplish before my butt hits the couch.

On a good day, I come home, empty the dishwasher if it hasn’t been emptied, start the Roomba (or go hunt it down if it’s stuck somewhere) and accomplish a few little things I left undone in the morning. Then, by the time I sit down to chat with Patrick, I can feel like I got something done.

Leave work knowing what you want to do.

I always jot down 2-3 things in the notes section of my planner that I need to and/or want to get done when I get home. That might be laundry, checking the mail or writing a few blog posts. Either way, I walk into the house knowing what those things are!


Remember how I feel about multitasking? I am all about it when it’s the productive kind! Whistle while you work and all.

Watch your favorite TV show while you fold laundry. Walk the dog while you listen to a podcast you love. Chat with your partner while the two of you wash and dry dishes. You’ll be tackling your to dos while also enjoying yourself.

Set a weekly schedule.

If you share your home with one or more people, make sure each person knows what their daily responsibilities are! I like to tackle most of my personal home chores on the weekends, but Patrick prefers to do one or two things a day. We separate our chores out by the day – kitchen day is Monday, for example – and that way, we always know what needs doing.


Want to make the most out your time at home and have more productive evenings? Keep reading! 


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