How to take advantage of the back-to-school mindset

How to take advantage of the back-to-school mindset

If you’re like me, you feel like you get a major reset in mid-August. Why? It’s time for back to school!

Even if you aren’t actually going back to school, there’s something about this season in life. It’s time for a new planner, new pens and a whole new you. OK, probably not really, but after 22 years of preparing for the first day of school, that mindset is still a part of me.

It helps, of course, that I work in a college setting and am still around students all the time. It’s a perk! You may also feel this way if you don’t have kids.

I wanted to share a few tips for using that back-to-school mindset to your advantage. And if you don’t feel it automatically, jumpstart it!

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1 – Buy a new planner and fresh office supplies.

I always feel the temptation to replace my office supplies with new ones in August. But luckily for me, the stores are rolling everything out on major sale!

Use these sales as an opportunity to grab some of your favorite items. This year, I bought a few of my favorite items (these felt tip pens, which are amazing and cheap dupes for Papermate Flair pens, and these pastel sticky notes, which are a must-have anywhere I’m working) plus a new favorite. I am obsessed with these pastel highlighters! They’re even erasable, which I had no idea I needed.

I also bought a new planner – this year, I went with the Emily Ley Simplified Planner. The daily edition is perfect for what I need in a planner! Bonus – it’s currently on sale.

2 – Set goals for the rest of the year.

Even if you haven’t done the best on your goals in the first seven months of the year, you still have five months to knock your goals out of the park!

Sit down while you feel inspired and list a few things you want to accomplish in the five months until 2020. More than likely, you’ve got a busy few months ahead of you, so do it now while you have the energy.

If you don’t have the energy, sit down and think about your priorities. Maybe that’s all you need to jumpstart the rest of your year.

3 – Learn something new.

August is the time to learn. Even though you aren’t going back to school, dedicate some time to learning a new skill in August.

Maybe you listen to an audiobook, or take a class, or just do some research on your own. Either way, think about something you’ve been wanting to learn more about and take the time.

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