5 things to do on Sunday for a better week

5 things to do on Sunday for a better week

I am sure I am not alone in facing the Sunday scaries on the occasional Sunday. But my guess is some people have the Sunday scaries every Sunday – and it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are a few things I do every Sunday to get ready for the week ahead, and I wanted to share with anyone else who gets that anxious feeling in their stomach on Sunday evenings.

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Give the house a quick tidy.

I have a whole weekend routine that I usually start on Thursday or Friday evenings and complete on Sundays. But on Sunday itself, I recommend taking a few minutes to tidy up and wrap up anything you started earlier in the weekend but didn’t finish.

This might include things like…

  • Take out the trash and recycling. Empty the trash cans around the house.
  • Wipe down all of the counters and surfaces with a damp rag.
  • Vacuum in your high-traffic areas.
  • Put everything in its place.
  • Hang or fold clothes that are laying out.
  • Make sure you have fresh clothes and towels for the week.
  • Fill and run the dishwasher.

When I’m busy, the last thing I want to do is clean during the week! So I make sure to tidy up on Sunday so I don’t stress myself out the whole week.

Brain dump.

On Sundays, I do a brain dump of all of the big tasks, events and reminders for myself for the week ahead. I do this with a pen and paper, but if you’re more of a tech person, go ahead and dump all of this into your task management system, calendar or just a notes app.

After I brain dump, I categorize and schedule! Everything goes onto my ToDoIst to do list with a deadline, and now I have a plan for the week ahead.

Review your calendar.

While you’re brain dumping, you can also go ahead and sink your teeth into your calendar for the week ahead.

There’s nothing worse than getting to Tuesday and forgetting a meeting until an hour before, or neglecting to complete something before a deadline that you forgot was coming up.

If you review your calendar in advance of your week, you’ll be prepared and ensure that you won’t have any slip-ups.

Also, if you share your life with a spouse or partner, a roommate, or another friend or family member, take a minute to chat with them about their schedules, too. They get the Sunday scaries, too, and taking a minute to chat with them will probably make their week ahead better, too.

Pat and I usually do this on Sundays or Mondays, depending on his week, so I can be prepared for what he has going on and he can be prepared for me. Both of us tend to spend a lot of evenings away from home, so this makes sure we always know who is feeding the dog, letting him out, etc.

Take a minute for yourself.

Use the weekend to fill your cup! But if that’s not doable, or if you’ve just had a truly fun but exhausting weekend, take a few minutes on Sunday to get it done.

What fills your cup will look different for you, and you, and you.

For me, I love to read, or bake something, or play a game on my iPad. Nothing crazy – just something peaceful. I also tend to straighten my hair on Sundays! This is a little self-care task that I don’t usually do during the week, so it’s nice to take the time for myself on Sundays.

Make a dinner big enough to have leftovers.

I always try to make my biggest meal on Sundays. In the winter, Sunday is Soup Day!

That means I have leftovers for at least a day or two. One of my go-tos is roasting a whole bunch of veggies (peppers, zucchini, onions and cherry tomatoes, in our house) with some chicken, and add in some seasonings – whatever I’m feeling.

We eat the veggies and chicken with rice for dinner, and then I mix the veggies and rice with some Trader Joe’s chicken sausage for myself for lunch.

Having leftovers, though, takes the pressure off of Monday and gives you something to eat for lunch, too.

Avoid the Sunday Scaries