the best things I bought in January

the best things I bought in January

I did not do a lot of shopping this past month, but there were a few things I did pick up that were huge game changers for me.

Blue-blocking glasses. Am I a construction worker or an office employee who stares at screens all day? It’s hard to say. But I spent $15 on these clear blue light-blocking glasses in mid-January, and I do feel significantly better when I wear them! It took me a few days to get used to them, but I recommend.

Laptop stand. I bought this for my desk at work, because I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk staring at my laptop. I do have a desktop computer, but I prefer to use my laptop so I don’t lose anything going from work to home. This was the easiest $20 I ever spent! Now, my laptop is at a much better height and I am able to get more work done.

12-pack Amazon Basic felt-tip pens. These pens are definitely Papermate Flair knockoffs, and I am here for it. I am a Papermate Flair truther, but these are fabulous dupes. I keep them in my purse and the colors are almost perfect matches for the Flairs. Plus, they’re half the cost. Next, I might upgrade to the 24-pack for only $13. Freaking bargain.

Taco holders. What a silly thing I didn’t know I needed! Patrick’s mom sent these for us to use at our Super Bowl party, and wow. What a handy thing to have in your cabinets if you are a big taco person. They wash up very nicely in the dishwasher, too!