shopping with my fall color palette

shopping with my fall color palette

I’m sharing a few of my favorite pieces for the fall, and they all match up with my fall color palette! A few bloggers I follow are trying the capsule wardrobe process out, but I know that will never work for me.

I just want to establish a few stand-by trends so I can avoid wearing the same five pieces over and over again, while looking stylish and cute every day!

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The colors in my fall color palette

This year, I’m limiting my purchases to only the colors in my pre-determined fall color palette, which I’ve identified because I know it will mix well with what I already own and wear often!

Here are my colors:

  • Winter white & cream
  • Camel
  • Olive green
  • Navy
  • Grey

I have also identified a few statement colors and patterns that I can buy, although in lesser quantities. Those are:

  • Carolina Blue
  • Mustard
  • Pumpkin / rust
  • Leopard

I love fall! I chose these colors because 1) they’re easy to find and 2) they easily mix and match with each other. Plus, my closet is already full of colors like olive, navy, grey and white, so this isn’t a big stretch for me.

Why I’m going with a color palette

There are a few reasons why I’m trying to shop with a fall color palette in mind this year.

The major one: I can’t afford to buy things that I can’t mix and match with my current wardrobe! I love shopping and I love clothes, but if I want to make responsible financial decisions when I shop, I need to make sure everything I buy is versatile and works with my wardrobe.

Also, I felt tempted to try a capsule wardrobe, but I know this won’t work for me.

My fall color picks

I’m sharing a few of my favorite picks in each of my colors below.

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