4 ways to invest in yourself (at a low cost)

4 ways to invest in yourself (at a low cost)

If personal development is high on your priority this list (and good for you!) you may be worried about the cost. If you’re trying to master a skill, grow as a leader or make serious progress towards your goals, it’s time to invest in yourself.

That doesn’t have to cost money! There are plenty of ways you can invest in your own personal development at little to no cost.

1. Get a library card.

The best way to invest in your own personal development is to go, right now, and get a library card. You can check out physical copies, ebooks or audiobooks of many popular self development / self help books. I almost exclusively listen to nonfiction and self help books on audiobook – it’s like sitting through a personal development course, just for you!

2. Take advantage of free or affordable skills classes.

Keep an eye on the event calendars offered by your library, Chamber of Commerce and more.

A lot of these institutions will hold affordable or even free classes to help you grow important skills as a an entrepreneur or just a person.

3. Find podcasts in your niche.

There are so many podcasts out there, and again, it’s like sitting through a personal development workshop, just for you. A good podcast, either focused solely on personal development or on building skills in a specific niche, can be a great way to learn in a quick spurt, as opposed to a longer audiobook or course.

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4. Sign up for workshops and ebooks.

If you’ve spent a second on Pinterest, you’ve seen a blogger hawking their e-course or ebook. And listen: Many times, they are totally worth looking into! In exchange for your email address, you can get access to a lot of useful resources in your niche or for personal development in general.

The emails can get overwhelming but the freebies can be invaluable. And being on their email lists can lead to deals and promos on their paid offerings further on down the road.

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