20 in 2020: my goals for the year ahead

20 in 2020: my goals for the year ahead

Happy New Year!

Most bloggers wrote this sort of post to go live on January 1. Of course, my year starts a little later than most, since I don’t go back to work until the 6th this year officially. So, here I am, back at work and setting goals!

Today, I’m sharing my 20 in 2020.

1. Save $X.

I don’t have any interest in telling people what I specifically plan to save, but know that in 2020, I plan to pay more attention to my spending so I can more aggressively save money.

Due to the new house, the move and all, 2019 was an expensive year for me. I still have a lot I want to do with the house in 2002, but I anticipate spending less and saving more. I’m kicking that off with a No Spend January!

2. Read 60 books.

Of course, I always set my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal! I polished off 66 books in 2019, which I was really happy with. My goal was 52 – so, about a book a week. Now, I’m aspiring to 60 books in 2020, which comes out to about 5 books a month!

I usually have already finished a book by now, but I have had trouble getting into a few different books I pick up.

3. Finish writing my book.

In 2018, I started working on serious revisions for my young adult fantasy novel. I hoped to finish in 2019, but that just didn’t happen.

The last three months have been quiet as far as personal progress, but I’m back to working regularly on Sundays with my girlfriends!

4. Go somewhere new.

It sounds like I will be visiting somewhere very new in 2020, and I can’t wait to officially put this on the calendar! Travel is one of my and Patrick’s shared hobbies.

5. Plan a girl’s trip.

I was listening to Rachel Hollis’ podcast about the end of the year calendar audit, and she encourages people to think about the things that bring them joy and schedule more of them in the year ahead. One of the most fun things I did in 2019 was travel with my girlfriends!

Two of the girls in my writing group came with me to Nags Head last March, and all four of us spent a weekend in Burnsville during my fall break this year. I want to do more of this in 2020!

6. No single-use plastic bags.

I am striving really hard to eliminate single-use plastic bags from my daily habits. It’s January 6 and I haven’t used any yet, so… Good start so far! Once I can really get into the habit of bringing reusable bags everywhere I go, I’ll start tackling other single-use plastic items. One step at a time!

7. Start a new writing project.

Once I finish my novel I mentioned above, I plan to start a new project. I know – the last thing I need. I have a few ideas shaking around in my head and can’t wait to dive in to one of them as a reward for a long year-plus of rewriting.

8. Establish a skincare routine.

Spoiler: I am actually horrible at setting habits. Horrible. I’ve been trying to get into the habit of a skincare routine in the morning and night for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried every brand, every system.

This year, I am going to get into the habit of a routine, even if it’s very simple.

9. Set more consistent wake and sleep times.

I love sleep. And I would like to get into the habit of going to bed and waking up at the same times every day, even on weekends. Theo has helped with this a lot by waking me up in the mornings. But if he for some reason isn’t barking at me, I’ll happily keep sleeping.

10. Cut out soda.

I am using 2020 as a year when I reduce the amount of soda I drink. I love soda and am totally addicted to regular Coke. But I know it’s horrible for me, especially for my teeth, and want to break the craving. Plus, we’ll save money at restaurants if I choose water instead of a fountain drink.

First, I’m only drinking soda on the weekends. Then, I’ll cut it down to one soda a week, before I eliminate it entirely.

11. Decorate my office.

The upstairs guest bedroom will serve as my office for a while, and I want to spend some time thinking about what that room will look like for me! I am so excited to start. I want the room to be a functional guest room since we do have friends and family slotted to visit this year, but I also love to have a room to work in, whether I’m crafting or working on my book.

12. Host Easter dinner.

I claimed Easter this year and plan to host a holiday dinner for our families! Hopefully, this works out without any snags and I’m able to host everyone at our house for the first time.

13. Learn embroidery.

I started cross stitching again in 2019, and it has been really fun! I’ve loved doing it and even worked on a very elaborate project for a Christmas gift.

Now, I’d like to master a few embroidery stitches, so I can work on even more projects.

14. Host one dinner party every quarter.

I hosted friends twice for dinner last year in the new house, and it was so enjoyable! I’d like to host four total dinner parties in 2020. Maybe even a game night!

15. Try one new recipe a month.

I love to cook dinner for Patrick and I, as well as for our friends, but I definitely get in a rut of the same recipes over and over again. I want to spend 2020 learning new recipes and adding a few new meals to my catalogue.

16. No more plastic straws.

I said this above, but I want to cut out plastic straws once I cut out plastic bags! I bought one of these reusable, foldable straws that you can carry with you in a case to use in place of a plastic straw.

17. Use the bus more often.

Currently, I drive to work and pay to park in a parking deck five days a week. Sometimes, this is completely necessary – I need my car to get to a client meeting, etc.

But other times, I could just as easily take the bus, which I can catch from a park-and-ride lot very close to my house.

18. Launch our podcast.

Jordan and I have big plans to launch a regular podcast about the enneagram in 2020. Well, we wanted to launch in November, but… that didn’t quite happen! This type 3 is ready to launch that bad boy in 2020.

19. Invest more regularly.

Investing is not currently part of my financial plan, but I am going to prioritize it in 2020! I am using Ellevest to get started. I’ll report back on how it goes!

20. Say no more often.

I don’t like to set goals that aren’t trackable, but I want to remind myself of this in 2020: I can say no.

In fact, I should say no. At least sometimes.

So, I hope to spend 2020 saying yes to what brings me joy – and saying no to what doesn’t.


What are your goals for 2020?

20 in 2020: GOALS FOR 2020

Most bloggers wrote this sort of post to go live on January 1. Of course, my year starts a little later than most, since I don't go back to work until the 6th this year officially. So, here I am, back at work and setting goals! 


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