my word of 2019:

my word of 2019:

I don’t know when the trend moved from setting your New Year’s resolutions to choosing a word for the year ahead, but I am so totally into it.

Last year, I chose the words “focus” and “mindful,” and I’ll be up front: I don’t feel like I was particularly focused or mindful in 2018. And that’s OK. A lot of things happened in 2018. It feels like that, anyway.

Mainly, I changed jobs twice. (Which, by the way, I do not recommend, both for your mental health and your professional life, although I love where I’ve ended up.) I also finished my first draft of EVERYTHING IS MINE. Then, I got accepted into an author-mentor program and was matched with an amazing mentor.

It’s been a full year, although not particularly focused or mindful. Who’s got time for that?

But while I was wondering about my approach to 2019 and what I wanted to resolve to do this year, the same word kept coming back to me.

So, here we go: My word of 2019 is well.

As in wellness, obviously, but for some reason well just stuck out.

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There are a lot of things I want to work on in 2019, and it all circles back to living well. So, that’s my word!

Do you choose a word for your year, or do you set resolutions? Or both?