10 gift ideas for the friend who loves to cook

10 gift ideas for the friend who loves to cook

As the friend in every friend group who is usually shoving food or snacks down the other friends’ throat, I’m here with a few ideas for gifts for people who like to cook. Because, honestly, that’s me.

This will be the first in my gift guide series, and I feel so totally behind, y’all. How is it already November 19?

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My gift ideas for people who like to cook

1. Glass mixing bowls

I always recommend helping your friend replace their plastic equipment with glass or stainless steel.

Suggestion No. 1: These Pyrex mixing bowls, with lids for storage. This might seem boring, but glass or stainless steel isn’t cheap, and it’s safer, too. These Oxo bowls are also a nice choice.

2. Silpat baking sheets

If you have a friend who loves to bake, these Silpat baking mats are great.

They’ll prevent their precious Christmas cookies from sticking to the mat and keep their cookie sheets clean. No rough scrubbing – score. It’s a nice little bonus gift that the average person probably wouldn’t buy for themselves.

3. Beautiful baking dishes

I love pretty things, but when I shop for myself, I usually go for serviceable, not pretty.

Treat that friend who makes a mean pumpkin pie to a beautiful pie dish. And you know your friend who’s adventuring into the world of making bread would love this bread loaf baking dish.

4. A pizza stone.

I love my pizza stone, and this one is even better. It has handles.

5. Quality wooden spoons.

Wooden spoons are my favorite utensil in the kitchen. I have an entire crock of plastic and silicon, but I almost always reach for my wooden equipment.

6. A bread box.

This feels so silly but I absolutely love my bread box. I use it to store freshly baked bread as well as tortillas, bagels and more. Whatever I have, really. It looks great on a counter top, too.

7. A high quality cutting board.

Most people who cook a lot go through multiple cutting boards in one marathon day of cooking. I do, anyway. And a good cutting board makes a huge difference. Go for a sturdy one made of bamboo.

8. A great cookbook.

There are about a thousand great cookbooks to choose from, but the only acceptable one (in my opinion) is Chrissy Teigen’s newest, Cravings: Hungry For More.

9. A sturdy cast iron skillet.

If you get them Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook, I recommend pairing that with a good cast iron skillet. Bonus points if it’s pre-seasoned.

10. Serving bowls or dishes.

I never saw the point of having a lot of serving bowls in your house, until I threw a Friendsgiving dinner party and realized I used every large bowl or dish I owned. It made a lot of sense then.

I like this gold polka dotted one and these hammered metal bowls.


Gift ideas for people who like to cook

If you like to cook, what sort of kitchen gifts are on your wishlist?

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