what I will be leaving at home on our next trip to Disney World

what I will be leaving at home on our next trip to Disney World

On my last trip with my mom in October 2018, I learned a lot about what not to bring to Disney World. I hadn’t been since I was a senior in high school (around 6 years prior) and a lot had changed both about me and about Disney World itself. So, I packed a lot of things that just didn’t get used!

Today, I wanted to share what I will not be packing again. We’re planning to fly in December 2019, so I will need to bring less than we did on this last trip anyway – especially so I can bring home souvenirs!

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1. Nice clothes.

On my next trip to Disney World, I do not plan to bring dressier clothes unless we decide on a reservation at a Signature Dining restaurant. (Citricos, Narcoosee’s and Jiko are all on my list of places I want to eat, so it’s likely we will end up with one reservation at a Signature Dining spot.)

And if we do make one of those higher end reservations, I will only bring enough nice clothes for that dinner.

I brought a few sundresses and a jumpsuit back in October, but we mostly ate at restaurants where park attire was totally acceptable. I ended up wearing only one of my dresses the entire week.

2. Only one pair of park shoes.

I guess this isn’t something I’m leaving out entirely – in fact, I’ll be adding something extra to my luggage! But I will be making sure to bring more than one pair of shoes to wear to the parks.

This past trip, I brought my Birkenstocks, my nice sandals and my Nikes, assuming I’d wear the Nikes most of the time to the parks. In fact, I wore my Birkenstocks half the time and my Nikes the other time, because I started wearing blisters in my Nikes.

For context: I wore my Nikes all over Greece. ALL OVER GREECE. I CLIMBED MOUNTAINS IN THESE BAD BOYS. And yet, in Disney World, my feet couldn’t hang.

This next trip, I plan to bring two pairs of sneakers and one other pair of park shoes. Since we’re going in December, I won’t have to worry about sweaty feet as much as I did in October, but I’m planning on investing in a pair of Allbirds. My Rothy’s will also probably make the trip!

3. So many snacks.

One of my greatest regrets was lugging a big bag of snacks that were not single serving. While I like to buy full-sized bags of chips and popcorn, etc. in general, I should’ve taken the time to portion out my snacks beforehand or gone ahead and purchased single serving snacks.

In general, I definitely plan to reduce my snack load next year. We’re planning to fly instead of drive this time, so we won’t have much room for snacks anyway. Whatever I bring will be small and easily eaten on the go, like protein bars and small bags of crackers or chips.

4. Beauty products and hair care.

Unless you’re the kind of person who has to leave the house with a full face of makeup and fully done hair, you can leave most of your beauty products at home.

I really didn’t bring that much with me, but I recommend bringing only your must-have toiletry items. I brought my hair styling tools with me just in case and they didn’t even leave the bag.

5. More than one book.

I am a big reader. If you’re not a reader, then you don’t even need to worry about this – it won’t be an issue. But if you like to read on vacation, you might feel compelled to bring a few books to choose from on your Disney trip.

Take it from me: Even if you are the speediest of speed readers, take just one book. I plan on bringing 0 physical books this year and loading up my Kindle app on my iPad instead.

I brought a handful of books with me last year, thinking I would read at the pool or at night before bed. This never happened. At night I would read through my Unofficial Guide to Disney World and at the pool I snoozed.

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