my 5 favorite things to do in Disney World

my 5 favorite things to do in Disney World

There are so many things you can do in Disney World that it wouldn’t be crazy to go on three different trips there and do something almost entirely different every time. But everybody has a few Disney World favorites.

I’m sharing mine – and only my top 5!

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1 | Ride Soarin’ in Epcot

There’s nothing I love more than Soarin’. Mom and I didn’t go absolutely crazy for rides on our trip and rarely rode anything more than once – except Soarin’, which we made sure to ride twice!

There are a few reasons why the Soarin’ experience is unparalleled: There are no bad seats. It’s a crowd pleaser no matter who rides. And it feels great to rest your feet… by literally dangling them in the air.

Even the Soarin’ queue is a hit for me.

2 | Shop in the World of Disney in Disney Springs

There are no better shopping destinations in all of Disney World than the World of Disney. You can get pretty much anything that you can get in the parks at the store, and it’s an experience in and of itself.

It’s a little bit nostalgic of me to love shopping here so much, but a trip to Disney World isn’t complete otherwise!

3 | Explore the Animal Kingdom Lodge

Animal Kingdom and its many trails and animal-viewing opportunities is well worth it. In fact, it’s probably my favorite park to visit.

But Animal Kingdom Lodge is most definitely my favorite resort and a really fun experience, even just to explore. On our last trip, we ate at Sanaa, and we’ve made reservations at Jiko this year so we can go again. Last time, we watched the giraffes walk right in front of us while we waited for our table!

[My guide to Animal Kingdom]

4 | Add a new pin to my collection

I’m not as much of a pin collector anymore, although I used to love doing it. Now, I just love to pick up one single pin to remember my trip by.

Next on my list: I definitely need a Pua pin!

5 | Eating Mickey pretzels… anywhere

There is absolutely nothing better than a Mickey pretzel with cheese dip. It is always worth a Disney Dining Plan snack credit, and the cheese dip is always worth the extra charge.

This is the best breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack on the planet, if you ask me. So it’s easily one of my favorite things to do – in the only place where you can do it!

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