what to pack in your Disney World park bag

what to pack in your Disney World park bag

Just as important as making those dining reservations and FastPass selections when preparing to go to Disney World is making a packing list and planning ahead! What you bring to Disney World can make your vacation much more pleasant – and what you forget or leave at home can lead to unnecessary extra spending.

I’m going to break down the things I always keep in my Disney World park bag and would recommend to others, too.

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Necessary first aid.

I keep a small canvas pouch (one of those freebie makeup bags from a department store would do the trick) in my park bag packed with all necessary first aid items. My personal must-haves include:

  • Pepto Bismol. You will eat a lot of food at Disney World, and it will not always sit well with you. I’m lactose intolerant and refuse to adhere to those restrictions, especially while at Disney World, so my trusty Pepto pills are the No. 1 most-reached-for product in my bag. Followed shortly by my Lactaid, obviously.
  • Tylenol and ibuprofen, or whatever other pain relieving products you prefer. I bring both.
  • Blister balm. I took this to both Greece and Disney World and was so glad that I did. It’s also great for chafing elsewhere other than your feet.
  • Neosporin. It’s a given. Even if there are first aid stations, you should have some on hand.
  • Hand sanitizer. I like the mini bottles that attach to my backpack. You might not think you’re a hand sanitizer person, but you will be in Disney World.
  • Blister bandaids. These are not like regular bandages. They are infinitely better.
  • Moleskin. You can buy it precut, but I choose to buy big rolls in advance and bring scissors with me. Before my trip, I line my shoes with it.

I stock up on all of these in advance on Amazon or when I see them on sale at a drug store and make sure to pack extras in my suitcase of the things I use a lot.

What happens if you run out of something or don’t remember to bring something with you? That is totally OK. Head to the first aid station at the front of any park, or grab something at your hotel store. Pro-tip: The first aid stations have the best blister bandaids!

Prepare for crappy weather.

Florida is unpredictable, to say the least.

You’ll want to have…

  • Waterproof sunscreen. I don’t know what your preference is – mine varies. I like to bring something for my face and something for my body.
  • Bug spray. This stuff is stinky, but I hate chemical-heavy bug spray and love natural alternatives whenever possible. This is great and will definitely do the trick in Florida since it worked in Venice!
  • A small lightweight umbrella. I recommend every adult in the party having their own. Y’all don’t wanna share.
  • Poncho or raincoat, depending on the season. Buy a few cheap ponchos in bulk instead of one nice one. And have Ziplocs around to store wet ones in.

Other general necessities

I think weather and first aid needs are the main two areas you need to be prepared for at Disney World.

Note that if you packed everything I recommend in its full size, your bag would be pretty heavy. I recommend a backpack with padded shoulders and only carrying small quantities of things instead of an entire bottle of Tylenol, for example.

Also, check the weather – if there’s no sign of rain on the horizon, you can leave your rain jacket and umbrella at the hotel and just bring your poncho in case of Florida being Florida.

The other things I never forget to throw in my Disney park bag are:

  • Phone charger and backup battery pack.
  • Reusable water bottle.
  • Spare ziploc bags.
  • Single-serving snacks.
  • Two pairs of sunglasses.
  • Hat.

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