7 things to buy on Amazon before your next trip to Disney World

7 things to buy on Amazon before your next trip to Disney World

Getting ready for a trip to Disney? I’m sharing some Disney World packing tips – specifically regarding the supplies you can snag on Amazon before you go! If you forget a must-have item, you can almost always find it in Disney World. The hotel gift shops and the kiosks at the front of every park have pretty much everything you could ever need – but it comes at a price.

So, save the money now and make a few wise purchases.

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The Unofficial Guide to Disney World

Shock of all shocks that I’m recommending this book. I always get the latest edition of the Unofficial Guide whenever we have a trip coming up, and the 2020 edition just landed in our mailboxes a few weeks ago!

It has up-to-date information on rides, restaurant reviews, hotel reviews and more. If you like to make wise decisions based on other guest’s experiences, I fully recommend this. You probably don’t need to get a new edition every year, but I am… myself.

Buy it on Amazon.

Carabiner clips

I can’t recommend buying a 10-pack of carabiner clips enough. We bought the multi-pack for just the two of us on our last trip and it was well worth it. Uses include:

  • Keeping track of water bottles and refillable Disney mugs.
  • Hanging onto hats, ears, etc. when on rides.
  • Attaching wallets and other important items to the inside of your purse or backpack, minimizing the opportunity for pickpocketing or loss.
  • Attaching items to your stroller, wheelchair, motorized scooter, etc.

Buy them on Amazon.

Cooling towels

If you’re going to Disney World in any month between January and December, there’s a good chance it will be hot. (Florida, you are like a different world.)

You could spend $20 on a cooling towel at the park, and it would probably be worth it. But go ahead and plan for the heat, and grab one for less than $10 on Amazon. We like this towel because it comes with a storage bag and a clip, so you can easily keep it in your backpack.

Buy it on Amazon.

Your own portable fan

Did you hear me when I say it gets hot in Florida? Not only is it hot and humid in the summer and most of the fall, but some areas of Disney World are downright miserable no matter when you’re there. Crowds, after all, suck up a lot of air.

You can buy similar things in the parks that are Disney-themed, but be prepared to shell out a lot more.

Buy it on Amazon.


Even if you’re not prone to blisters, you will probably rub one or two in Disney World. These are not the conditions you’re used to. You have never walked so much in your life.

(I am nothing if not a drama queen.)

Buy the big roll and line all of your shoes with it before you go – even in the places you don’t imagine you could rub a blister. Pre-empt it before it happens, and you’ll be so glad you did.

Buy it on Amazon.


Buy the ponchos. It’s Florida.

I live in North Carolina, which isn’t nearly as tropical as Florida, and even I know the truth. In the south, rain will come quickly, and hard, and it will suck, and then it will disappear. So you may never need the poncho – but if you do, you will be glad you had it.

Buy a value pack on Amazon.

Backup battery

Every person on your vacation who will have some sort of device with them needs their own backup battery. From playing Heads Up in long lines (which I totally recommend) to checking the My Disney Experience app, your battery will burn out quickly.

Don’t be a slave to an electrical outlet if you can find one. Buy the backup battery pack now and be glad you did. It’s a nice thing to have outside of Disney World, too.

Buy it on Amazon.

Photos courtesy of MagicGuides.com.

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