12 things to do on your off day at Disney World

12 things to do on your off day at Disney World

Did you factor in a Disney World off day for your vacation? If so, you’re making a smart decision.

I totally recommend one off day for every two park days, if you can swing it. At the very least, make sure you have one off day in your vacation.

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What do I mean by off day?

By a Disney World off day, I mean a day where you aren’t going to the parks. You may head to a park for dinner, but ideally, you don’t. You spend the whole day recovering from your park days and getting ready for the next few days, too.

10 things to do on your Disney World off day

1 – Enjoy the pool.

Even the Value Resorts have great pools these days!

Note: We stayed at Pop Century on our last trip and I was disappointed in the theme of our nearest pool – it was computer-themed and was shaped like a floppy disc… which is a rectangle. But usually, your resort will probably have at least one really cool pool!

You cannot pool hop, so enjoy your own pool and just window shop at the others.

2 – Eat a meal at another resort – any of them, honestly!

Even if it’s just for dinner, avoid going back to the parks! Make a reservation at a resort you’ve always wanted to see. I can’t recommend the Animal Kingdom Lodge enough when it comes to this. All three of its restaurants are great choices. But ‘Ohana at the Polynesian Resort is another highly-recommended option.

3 – Do some shopping.

You can’t go to Disney World without doing a little shopping, even if you’re only looking. The World of Disney is a must-hit. Head to Disney Springs and spend some time there, and then peruse the other shops, too.

Downtown Disney used to be very Disney-heavy, but now that it’s Disney Springs, it’s amazing what you can find.

4 – Sleep in.

Hit snooze. Enjoy it.

On our “off day” on our last trip, Mom and I slept until noon. I wish I was kidding. But it was glorious!

5 – Explore your own resort.

Have you heard about the great amenities and hidden features your resort has to offer, but never taken the chance to see them? Go do it!

Our favorite thing to do is walk from Pop Century to Art of Animation and check out all of the fun themed buildings over there. Every resort has so many fun things to check out. Walk around yours for a little while – if your feet don’t hurt too much.

6 – Watch the fireworks outside of the park.

Make a reservation at a resort restaurant with a great view, or take a seat at the beach at the Grand Floridian. You can still get great views of the fireworks and even hear the music, though you’ll miss some of the in-park features. It is still fun and totally worth it!

7 – Watch a movie at your resort.

Most of the Disney World resorts offer movies under the stars once a week (maybe more, depending on the resort!). Watch one of your favorite Disney movies and de-stress after the first few days of a long, exciting and exhausting vacation.

I have always wanted to watch a Disney movie in Disney World but have in fact never done it. Maybe this year!

8 – Check out the Animal Kingdom Lodge safari views.

If you resort hop, go to Animal Kingdom Lodge! The best way to do this is take a bus to the nearest park and then hop on a bus from there to the resort. You can also Uber or Lyft, if you’d prefer – I don’t recommend driving.

However you get there, get there. The Animal Kingdom Lodge is absolutely beautiful, inside and out, and I love the views. We always get to our dinners here a little early so we can explore and watch the animals. It’s a great way to view the same safari animals you’ll see in Animal Kingdom, but minus the crowds. Sometimes, you can also chat with the resort employees who maintain the animals and learn all about each one.

9 – Walk the Boardwalk.

We’ve never gone to Disney World’s Boardwalk Resort, but I keep hearing it is a must-do on a day off if you’ve never been. Bonus: Grab ice cream at Beaches ’N Cream!

10 – Take the Skyliner.

Now that the Skyliner is officially open, take a trip around the route and see the parks from above!

I know Mom and I will take the full route, personally. The views look so cool in all of the pictures and I would love to see the brand new Riviera!

11 – Take the boat from Port Orleans to Disney Springs.

This is one of my favorite forms of transportation in Disney World. The boat from Port Orleans to Disney Springs is a great little water journey with fun views. It’s certainly not fast but it’s a fun way to get to Disney Springs, and you can grab beignets at Port Orleans French Quarter before you hop on!

12 – Take your afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian.

We love love love the afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian. It’s a little pricy but it is so much fun.

I definitely recommend it, especially if you have little girls!

Don’t forget my favorite planning resource…

If you have a trip coming up, make sure you have a copy of my Disney bible! I can’t recommend the Unofficial Guide enough. I get a new copy every year and read it cover to cover. This guides so many of my FastPass, dining and general planning decisions every year, and I recommend it to everyone.

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Did you factor in a Disney World off day for your vacation? If so, you’re making a smart decision. 


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