10 things you want to bring with you to Disney World

10 things you want to bring with you to Disney World

I meant to blog about this a lot closer to mine and my mom’s trip to Disney World, but you know how it goes. Life comes at you fast. So, let’s dive in to what I learned about what to bring to Disney World.

If you’ve ever been to Disney World, you know that what you do and don’t bring with you can make or break a day. Not your entire trip, but at least a day.

Let’s dive in.

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What to bring to Disney World

1. A cheap backpack.

If you are not a backpack person, don’t invest big money into a backpack or other bag to take to Disney World.

Skip the totes or traditional purses. You want a backpack. I thought about going cutesy, or taking one of my over-the-shoulder totebags. It would’ve been a mistake.

I bought this backpack for $15 (you could probably find a cheaper one at Walmart or Target closer to back-to-school time, too) and it was perfect. It’s not so cheap that it will fall apart, and it held a ton and went through a lot. But I also didn’t fret about it getting dirty or destroyed. Which, I’ll be honest, it did.

2. Carabiners.

Mom bought a few of these for us when we went on our trip, and oh my god, what a lifesaver.

If you like roller coasters or the other fast rides at Disney World, you’ll find yourself wishing you had a carabiner the first time you have to climb into your seat and have to take off your hat, stow your sunglasses and prevent your water bottle from flying out of your seat, all in the two second window you have before the cast member comes by to make sure you’re snugly locked into your seat.

We only had one carabiner each, but we used them to keep our hat and water bottle safely attached to our person while walking around and on rides. It’s way easier than zipping and unzipping all day long.

3. Zip-Loc bags.

What did I use Zip-Loc bags for on my trip to Disney World, you ask? Well, let me tell you:

  • Trash I accumulated during a queue
  • Wet ponchos after a quick rainstorm in Hollywood Studios
  • Wet, smelly socks, after that same rainstorm
  • Portioning out snacks for the day from the stash we packed
  • Taking home half of a delicious oatmeal cream pie from Pop Century Resort to eat later

Take a few of every size. Things will get wet, and you will want to take leftovers of snacks and quick service meals around with you. Can you say lifesaver?

4. The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.

I can’t say anything about things you need to bring to Disney World without mentioning my favorite guide to Disney World, the Unofficial Guide. I read it cover to cover before we went and was so glad I did. (Not everyone is that over the top, but hey.)

I don’t recommend bringing it into the park with you, because this bad boy is heavy. But read it, bookmark important information and take pictures with your phone of things you want to remember. Don’t count on Disney’s actual app to work!

5. Moleskin and blister bandages.

Even if you aren’t a blister-prone person, take moleskin and blister bandages with you to Disney World. You will be walking so much more than you’re used to, and there’s something about the constant standing, walking, hustling that will really wear down on your heels and toes.

And no, not just any bandage will do.

I recommend buying a big roll of moleskin, especially if you’re traveling in a large group. Go ahead and line the heels of your shoes with it before you leave – don’t wait until a blister has already formed. And bring a pair of scissors with you, or pre-cut your moleskin into convenient strips. It’s not easy to rip.

And as far as blister bandages, regular Band-Aids really don’t do the trick. They will slip off, especially if it’s wet or you’re sweaty. Try these. If you run out or don’t listen to me, you can go to Guest Services or the First Aid desks to get the good stuff.

6. Extra socks.

I won’t link to any particular pair of socks, because, to each their own. But take more than you need. Plan for two pairs of socks for each day.

We got rained on and still had a long day ahead of us, and it was so nice to switch out of our wet socks and change into dry socks. It prevented blisters and just felt 100 times better than squishing around for the rest of the afternoon.

7. Rain gear. 

I mean it. Gear.

Grab an umbrella, disposable ponchos and a rain jacket. You will not be fine with just one. You’re going to Florida.

8. Refillable water bottle.

Mom and I bought stainless steel water bottles before our trip, and even though they were heavy as all get out, we were so glad we had them. You can get free ice water at any quick service restaurant in Disney World, and the stainless steel bottles keep the ice from melting throughout the day.

We usually refilled our resort mugs and our water bottles in the morning, and then carried the mug around for the rest of the day once it was empty (they’re plastic, so they’re light) and refilled the water bottle.

I got the 20 oz Simple Modern bottle and it was the perfect size.

9. Battery pack.

Keep a fully-charged battery pack in your backpack, because your phone will die. The Anker one has great reviews, but I personally have a Mophie.

Using the app to check FastPass availability, look at wait times and find somewhere to eat can drain battery fast. Not to mention if you’re in a long line, it can be a game changer to play Head’s Up with your group to pass the time. (A group in front of us in line for Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom did that for 1.5 hours, and we enjoyed it as much as they did.)

I hate being stingy about phone use, and the battery pack makes sure I don’t have to be.

10. Grab-and-go snacks. 

Bring snacks that are easy and quick to eat.

Time-intensive snacks like an apple, or something you have to dip or spread? Skip it.

I’m talking things like peanut butter crackers, individual bags of chips or pretzels, granola bars. Easy stuff. Keep some of the salty and savory variety in your bag, and restock at the end of every day.

Mom and I were on the Dining Plan, so we actually didn’t eat the snacks we brought with us – except the easy grab-and-go stuff, like the individually wrapped Reese’s Cups. (We’re healthy.)

What to bring to Disney World

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