the best purchases I made in December

the best purchases I made in December

I used to do this on my old blog, and I thought I would bring it back because I enjoyed it so much, and I enjoy reading other bloggers’ posts, too – so today I’m sharing a list of the best purchases I made in the month before!

Monthly roundups are always fun, and I made a lot of cool purchases / received some great gifts in December that I want to share. So, not everything on this list is a purchase I made, since it was Christmas and all. Going forward, it will be more purchases I made, less or no gifts. December is an exception, after all.

So, let’s round up the best purchases I made (and gifts I received!) in December.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, and I may make a small commission when you click or make a purchase.

1. These booties by Korks.

I absolutely love the Korks Thyone booties that Pat gave me for Christmas. He got a little guidance this year, because I was absolutely in love with the taupe booties.

They are super comfortable and have a great heel to them, plus they are just dark cute.

2. This steering wheel desk.

Seriously, this is the goofiest thing I have ever purchased. Ever. And yet… it is fabulous.

This little guy attaches to a steering wheel and has two usable sides – a side for working with a laptop or tablet with a pen slot, and a side for eating with a cup holder. It fits perfectly in the back seat pocket and easily attaches to the steering wheel, although you’ll question if you did it right the first time.

In all fairness, this was a gift from me to Patrick, not a purchase I made for myself. But after watching it in action the other day when we went to Zaxby’s… two thumbs up from both of us. I totally recommend it if you eat in your car often or work in your car, especially because it’s only $12. Patrick does both.

3. My first pair of Rothy’s flats.

Patrick bought me my actual first pair of Rothy’s in November for my birthday, but I added a second pair to my collection in December because I loved them so much. Now I have The Point in navy and The Flat in Flax Birdseye.

These shoes are super. It’s a bummer that it gets so cold in the winter, because they’re a little less practical when it’s cold out, but Rothy’s are lightweight and easy to wash. I’ve already washed both of my pairs due to Theo’s love of stepping on my feet immediately after running through a mud puddle.

Here is a referral link to get $20 off your first Rothy’s purchase, if you’re ready to try them out. (And for transparency’s sake, I will get $20 off my next order, too.)

4. This Primo water cooler dispenser with a dog bowl.

Did I say the steering wheel desk was the goofiest thing I bought in December? Well, this is the goofiest thing I’ve ever asked for, and I am obsessed with it.

I’ve never had a water cooler dispenser before, but we drink a lot of water in this house. This sounds absurd and no one believes me, but I spent a lot of time filling up our Brita pitcher just to fill Theo’s bowl, my own personal water cup and our Keurig – and Pat exclusively drank bottled water. This is way better for my time and for the environment, too.

Not to mention… Theo is obsessed with it. His water is delightfully chilled!

5. This hands free book light.

I bought one of these for both my mom and Patrick’s mom for Christmas gifts, and as Mom was playing with hers, I realized that I should’ve grabbed one for myself, too. Conveniently, Patrick overheard me and put one in my Christmas stocking!

The light is no joke, y’all. It is bright. I have to make sure to position myself correctly when I read on the couch, at the risk of blinding Patrick. (Oops.)

But if you don’t like book lights that clip (because they are the WORST), this little guy can be worn around your neck. Patrick’s mom also pointed out that this will be great for fishing or other outdoor activities!