The LipSense Starter Kit: Do I really need one?

The LipSense Starter Kit: Do I really need one?

Are you interested in trying LipSense, the long-lasting, smudge-proof, budge-proof lip color… but confused about the LipSense starter kit?

I totally understand!

Let’s talk about what the starter kit is and why it might be a good purchase for you if you’re interested in trying out LipSense for the first time.

What is the LipSense Starter Kit?

The LipSense Starter Kit is composed of three products:

  • One long-lasting color of your choice
  • One of our moisturizing glosses
  • An Ooops! Remover

A starter kit costs $55 at full retail. Our lip colors are $25, our glosses are $20 and the Ooops! Remover is $10.

50 permanent LipSense colors

Do I need a gloss?

In order for your color to be as long-lasting as we say, you do need a LipSense-brand gloss to use with it.

Our glosses are specially formulated to soak through the lip color and moisturize your lips. Dry lips will lead to cracked or flakey color that doesn’t last longer than few hours.

Plus, your lips will feel sticky and dry without the gloss. It’s not a fun feeling! The gloss will leave your lips feeling smooth and soft.

Can’t I use one of my own glosses?

We recommend our glosses because they were especially created to work with the LipSense lip colors. We can’t guarantee that other glosses will moisturize your lips and interact well with our lip colors like our glosses do.

But I hate how gloss feels on my lips!

I’m with you – me too! But LipSense gloss isn’t your typical gloss.

After applying a LipSense gloss, such as Glossy Gloss, your lips might feel sticky or “gooey,” but once the gloss soaks into your lips in a few minutes, you won’t feel that way anymore. It’s a temporary sensation that goes away!

If you really hate the feeling of a traditional gloss, you might love our silky smooth Matte Gloss. It’s not as hydrating as Glossy and the other offerings but I do recommend Matte Gloss to anyone totally opposed to the texture of traditional lip gloss.

Do I really need Ooops! Remover?

I recommend all people new to LipSense get an Ooops! Remover with their starter kit, but it’s not necessary.

The Ooops! Remover is specifically formulated to break down our lip colors and remove them quickly and easily, without irritating your skin or your lips from harsh chemicals or rough rubbing.

Once you buy an Ooops!, it should last you a really long time – unless you’re using LipSense multiple times a day and removing and reapplying like a distributor might, you won’t need to replace your Ooops! very often if at all.

And like with many of our products, little bit goes a long way, too!

However, you don’t need Ooops! to get LipSense off.

You can also use…

  • Makeup wipes
  • Micellar water
  • Witch hazel
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil

Do I have to buy a starter kit to try LipSense?

To sum it up, no, you do not have to buy a color, gloss and Ooops! Remover to try LipSense for the first time.

For customers who want to try LipSense but are trying to watch their budgets, which I totally understand, I recommend going for just the lip color and gloss and saving $10 on the Ooops!

Another option: You can also set up a SeneGence party with me to get a color for free, plus other fun discounts and rewards!

Ready to pick out your colors? You can shop now on my website or join my exclusive community of beauty-loving ladies to get some help choosing your first LipSense color!