The 5 shades of lipstick every woman needs in her beauty bag

The 5 shades of lipstick every woman needs in her beauty bag

I’ve never really had anything against lipstick, and in fact, I loved a good, bold lip when I was younger and dressing up for a party or a cocktail. Lipstick was never part of my everyday makeup routine (mostly because I didn’t wear makeup every day, least of all makeup that I would need to reapply!).

Of course, once I found LipSense, things changed a lot. Suddenly, I had 50+ lip colors to choose from.

[ Do I really need a LipSense starter kit? ]

Over time, though, a few essential lip colors have emerged from the crowd.

I’ve come to find that every woman should have five lip colors on hand for every occasion. It doesn’t have to be lipstick – if you prefer lip stain or lip gloss, go with what works for you. I’m partial to SeneGence’s LipSense, which lasts up to 18 hours and doesn’t smudge or wipe off when you eat, drink or, you know, exist.

Do you have these 5 lip colors?

1. A great red.

Of course, a great classic red lipstick is a non-negotiable must-have!

Red is great to display confidence, and it’s also the color I recommend reaching for when you’re trying to stand out at a formal event or a cocktail party. It goes great with formal clothes or a great suit.

And hey, bonus – a cool red will make your teeth appear whiter!

SeneGence Suggestions:

  • Blu-Red, which is a cool fire engine red
  • Fly Girl, which is a warm cherry red

2. Your lips but better.

I think every girl needs to find their “My Lips But Better” color. I mean a color that matches your lip color almost exactly, but still pulls your look together.

This is a great lip color for a casual outfit or a first date, as well as an everyday color to wear to work. You might also consider this a lip color you could wear every day.

This color will vary for each person depending on the color of their natural lips, but many neutral or nude lip colors will fit the bill.

SeneGence Suggestions:

3. Pretty pink.

A pretty pink is exactly what you need when it starts to warm up and flowers start to bloom. A great pink lip color is just as powerful as a classic red when it comes to essential lip colors.

Have a lighter pink lip color ready for summer weddings or events. A darker pink can carry you into fall and winter.

SeneGence Suggestions:

4. Nude.

For the days when you want to pull your look together but don’t want to stand out with a bright red or an aggressive bold lip, reach for a simple nude lip color.

Nude is the most useful tool among your essential lip colors. Reach for this before a big meeting or presentation at work or for more serious occasions.

SeneGence Suggestions:

5. Something bold.

Once you’ve really gotten into your lipstick groove, make sure you have a bold, fun color that just makes you smile while you wear it.

This will be different for every person, but find a color that you wear to go out on the town or with your favorite outfit. It doesn’t have to be outside of your comfort zone, and it doesn’t have to be crazy – unless you want it to be! A bold lip color is a great touch for a neutral outfit or a fun outing with friends.

SeneGence Suggestions:

My essential lip colors

Like I said, everyone’s essential lip colors will be different from the next person.

My go-tos are…

Disclaimer: This post contains links to products that I sell. Know that I wouldn’t recommend a product unless I really loved it. 

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