what I read in March 2019

what I read in March 2019

Somehow, I managed to read six books in March, even though it felt like an intense marathon that I was never going to get out of. I definitely didn’t predict that I’d have free time to read, especially when I tried to fill my spring break with writing my manuscript.

But here we are – I made some good progress on my March TBR! (Except for the fact that three of the books I read in March were books I’ve already read before. Oh, Paige.)

Remember, I don’t mention books that I didn’t like at all on the blog. If I write about a blog I read here, it means I enjoyed it enough to give it three or more stars!

Disclaimer: I use affiliate links in this post and make a small commission when you click and/or make a purchase.

WARRIOR OF THE WILD by Tricia Levenseller

I did enjoy this viking-inspired YA fantasy novel, although if you want a good viking-inspired book in that genre, I recommend Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young. This was definitely an interesting take on the concept and I did enjoy it, although it is a little convenient at times.


This was the Evil Queen retelling of my dreams… except it was not quite the story of my dreams. The main character, Xifeng, is absolutely ruthless and a great character that isn’t the hero, by any means. I am really excited to see how book two turns out.

THE WHITE QUEEN by Phillippa Gregory

I listened to this on audiobook, and it was a solid entry into Phillippa Gregory’s series about the Tudors and Plataganets. I really love Elizabeth Woodville, the main character and the White Queen in question. I would’ve loved to have MORE of her story as queen and LESS of her story after her husband died… even though I know that half of the story is, officially, more historically significant.

If you are into history, you’ll enjoy this. If not, you might be better off with The Other Boleyn Girl, one of Gregory’s more famous books.

ACOMAF, ACOWAR and ACOFAS by Sarah J. Maas

As I said above, three of the books I read in March were re-reads. So, great for my reading goal, and not so great for my TBR.

Even so, I’ll always re-read the last three books in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas. (I don’t read the first book, of course.) These books never cease to make me sob like a baby. Even though they are enormous, I can fly through them in an afternoon or evening. If you haven’t read this series yet, I totally recommend.

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